About Us.

Trade Sea is an international trading company with a focus and expertise in trading of Agricultural commodities, Ferrous & Non-ferrous Metals and IT-enabled hardware products.

Our expert supply solutions allow customers to create better quality and reliable products for their consumers. The company is also a strategic supplier of raw material to VARUN BEVERAGES (one of the leading bottlers for PEPSI CO in the world) for its bottling operations in Asia and Africa.

We are experts in the trading of specific commodities - ferrous & nonferrous metals, agricultural products and IT-enabled hardware products with a presence in different countries across the globe.

We have gained our expertise through years of experience in trade generation, organization and facilitation in these sectors. We bridge gaps in the global trade by virtue of the unique relationships that we enjoy within the supply chain.


Ferrous & Non-ferrous Metals

The ferrous metals market is one of the world's largest and most common alloys. The internationally traded products are massive metal items, second in size only to the petroleum industry. Iron ore is used in large quantities globally on a daily basis, and it consistently accounts for a large amount of the primary metal consumed on earth.

Trade Sea offers futures and options for several types of ferrous metals for those who want to trade using risk management tools.

Agricultural Products

Agricultural commodities are a vital part of our existence; almost everyone on the planet depends on agricultural commodities in one way or another. Agricultural commodities constitute staple crops and livestock produced or raised on farms and plantations.

Most agricultural commodities serve as a source of food, but numerous others serve as industrial components, such as cotton and lumber. We provide a wide range of agriculture commodities to world markets.

Our networks and services in the global markets enable us to maintain a strong position in the agriculture trading market and provide the best prices and services to our customers.

IT-Enabled Hardware Products

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Mr. Bharat Mekani,

Founder & CEO

Bharat Mekani is a results-driven professional entrepreneur with several years of success in from having worked in international institutions in Singapore.

He has varied skills with diverse experience in envisioning, planning and implementing strategic programs that are turned into actionable goals.

He’s extremely passionate about business advisory, education, and environmental issues.

Prior to starting Trade Sea International, Bharat has extensive experience in heading the marketing business of Agio Countertrade Pte Limited, a Singapore-based commodity trading company.

He was responsible for setting up the marketing and distribution divisions of this company. Over the course of eight years, he grew 14 new offices and 10 new warehouses, along with creating 200 new jobs.



We nurture mutually rewarding and sustainable relationships with our clients, colleagues, and stakeholders.


Challenging convention is key; whether to make existing processes more efficient or to find new ways to benefit clients, partners and the environment.


We treat others as equals and the planet with respect. We have a duty to ensure our activity is not to the detriment of others.


Our people are Trade Sea’s most important asset. By investing in them and creating an environment in which they can excel and the business benefits from their contribution.


Our unmatched background in commodities, extensive experience and network of industry contacts supports customers in growing their businesses across all major economies of the world.

Globally active, we have the resources and connections to serve our clients with all their commodities needs as trusted partners in producing or consuming. We're not afraid of long-term commitments and it shows in how our product offerings are backed by contracts, markets and financial institutions.


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